Szechuan Hot Pot at Home

Dinner: Szechuan Hot PotThe BF found a pre-mixed package of Szechuan hot pot broth spices a few weeks ago, which we kept in our fridge until tonight, when it was finally cold enough to break out the hot pot. I even bought a portable gas oven to put the dutch oven on for an authentic table-side hot pot experience. At first it was difficult to think of vegetarian hot pot items since when I think of hot pot, I just think of dipping deliciously thin slices of raw meat into boiling broth. But alas, this was vegetarian/vegan hot pot, so no meat.

We ended up getting: napa cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu sheets rolled up to make mock intestine, fake kidney (I’m not sure what this was actually made of, but it came in a package), kabocha, king trumpet mushroom, dduk (pounded rice sticks), and green onion. I remembered that I also had a package of some mix of Chinese herbs (goji berries, ginsing, some twigs, a couple of weird dried date things, and some other weird things I couldn’t identify), so I threw that into the hot pot broth as well.
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Dinner: Kale Stew

Dinner: Kale and Chickpea stew

For dinner, I made kale and chickpea stew. I initially wanted to start off the broth with some browned onions, but I forgot to get onions at the market, oops. The stew just consists of: garlic, olive oil, chickpea, kale, vegetable broth, and tomato paste. I spiced it up with some red curry powder, cayenne pepper, and a bay leaf, but I’m not sure if that added anything to the soup at all. It’s served on top of some quick garlic bread and topped with a fried egg.