Publish to 1up Plugin

I’ve been neglecting my 1up blog because of laziness.  I already write about games on Siliconera, but I’m still torn between writing more general thoughts about games here, or my 1up blog which is more game-oriented.  I don’t want my 4 readers here to miss out on my insightful game writing, but I also don’t want my 4 readers on 1up to miss out either.

Now I don’t have to decide.  I wrote a WordPress plugin that publishes to any posts I write about games to my 1up blog automagically.  It’s the best of both worlds.  I might be the only person who needs this feature, but if anyone else is interested in this plugin, let me know and I’ll clean it up and release it for public use.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Midnight Launch

I just got back from the midnight launch of MGS4 in Hollywood. The launch itself was a bit underwhelming. The line was long, but not ridiculously long and the crowd was low-key. I thought that the first guy in line would at least get something special like a PS3 or at least some fancy swag, but it looks like all he got was to be the first one to get his game signed by David Hayter and the team. It was also weird that the press area was so far from the public line area. I ended up going back and forth just so I wouldn’t miss anything.

More pics of the event here.

GameStop Sucks

I’ve been looking for a hard to find game lately. I saw on the GameStop locater online that the store near my work had one in stock, so I called them to ask if they really had it.
GameStop Employee: Thanks for calling GameStop [insert long speech about trading in used games].
me: Hi, do you have X-game in stock?
GS: Hold on, let me check.
2 minutes later
GS: Yes, but we only have one and it’s new.
me: It’s new?
GS: Well, it’s new, but it’s missing the box.
me: Uh…what happened to the box?
GS: We must have opened it to put the box out on display and lost it.
me: If you opened it, it’s not new then!
By then, I was fed up with their “new” games so I just said goodbye and hung up. I can’t think of anywhere else where a store can open a product, lose the box and manual, and still sell the product as new. To top it all off, I bet if I bought this “new” copy, walked out of the store, change my mind 5 seconds later, walk in and return it, they probably wouldn’t refund my money completely because it’s no longer new and doesn’t come with a box.