State of the Game Address

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing video games, but I haven’t been playing many video games. I’m still on my training schedule for the SFIV tournament at Arcade Inifinity on the 27th. If you want to see me get my ass kicked, feel free to come watch. After the tournament, I’m going to take a well earned vacation from the game.

The tournament is an all girls tournament, which usually isn’t the way I roll. But since it’s my first tourney, it seems like an easier way to see if the tournament thing is for me or not. As long as we don’t all have to wear skirts and bat our eyelashes, it should be okay.

In other news, I’m falling a little behind with playing other games. I finally picked up Fallout 3, thanks to the Amazon Deal of the Day, which got me the collector’s edition for something like $46 including taxes. Sweet! I enjoyed what I played of the game when a friend let me borrow it and even though I definitely don’t have the time to devote to it now, I’m going to save it for a rainy day when I have a few hours to spend.

A year ago, if you had asked me if the iPhone was a viable gaming platform, I would have turned my nose up and scoffed. Now, I have to admit, it certainly is the third portable gaming platform. These past few months, I’ve played more games on it than my PSP. Maybe not my DS, but definitely my PSP. It’s just so convenient since I always have my phone with me.

The type of games I play on it are so different than the games I’d play on the other 2 portables that I don’t feel too bad about it. If I want to play an RPG, I’ll get on the DS or PSP. If I want to spend more than thirty minutes on a game, I’ll get on the DS. If I just want a 10 minute break from work, iPhone time.