Summer Dishes

Dinner: Mizuna, mountain greens and soba salad

I made a soba salad for dinner last week. The salad consisted of cold soba, mizuna, mountain vegetables, and a sesame and soy-sauce dressing. Then I topped it off with a poached quail egg. It was pretty simple and refreshing, but I made the dressing a bit too salty.

The BF and I went to the Hollywood farmer’s market on Sunday to take advantage of tomato season. We bought tomatoes, some weird red bell pepper, some hot red peppers, and cucumbers. Luckily, we had some stale bread around because it came in handy for our gazpacho. I think I was over-zealous with the garlic because the soup came out really garlicky, but hey, I love garlic.

Since the hot red peppers were more spicy than we imagined, I only used one, which means I have two left. I’m thinking about making it into some home-made hot sauce.

Dinners from a few nights ago

Dinner: Noodles and greens with peanut sauce

I had the greens, which I guess are rape greens (called you cai in Mandarin), but I didn’t want to eat them with rice since we had rice the other night. As a last minute stroke of inspiration, I made some noodles with peanut sauce. The sauce came out pretty well for something I just threw together. It had peanut butter, sesame oil, soy sauce, minced garlic, and my magic ingredient that makes everything taste better: a splash of rice vinegar.
Dinner: omurice

Last night, I made omurice with some leftovers: rice, cabbage, corn, and kim-chi. It was quick and other than making the omelette perfectly round (or trying to), painless.