Szechuan Hot Pot at Home

Dinner: Szechuan Hot PotThe BF found a pre-mixed package of Szechuan hot pot broth spices a few weeks ago, which we kept in our fridge until tonight, when it was finally cold enough to break out the hot pot. I even bought a portable gas oven to put the dutch oven on for an authentic table-side hot pot experience. At first it was difficult to think of vegetarian hot pot items since when I think of hot pot, I just think of dipping deliciously thin slices of raw meat into boiling broth. But alas, this was vegetarian/vegan hot pot, so no meat.

We ended up getting: napa cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu sheets rolled up to make mock intestine, fake kidney (I’m not sure what this was actually made of, but it came in a package), kabocha, king trumpet mushroom, dduk (pounded rice sticks), and green onion. I remembered that I also had a package of some mix of Chinese herbs (goji berries, ginsing, some twigs, a couple of weird dried date things, and some other weird things I couldn’t identify), so I threw that into the hot pot broth as well.
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Dinner: Yay Fall!

Dinner: Parsnip, cornbread, and beet greens

Dinner tonight was brought to you by the lovely BF. He made parsnip puree, which I’ve never had before. I’ve only had parsnip a couple of times, but I keep forgetting what it tastes like. The puree tasted like a parsnip flavored, slightly toothsome mashed potato. Refreshing and not as filling as regular mashed potato.

We’re having beet tartar on Thursday, so the BF cut the greens off the beet and sauteed them for tonight. I love greens with lemon, yum.

The cornbread, which performed well with mopping up the parsnip puree, was made with real eggs this time, but I couldn’t really taste the difference. I think next time, we should just leave the eggs out and save the cholesterol for something more noticeable like creamy scrambled eggs.