Dinner: Bread and Soup

Asparagus Soup
Dinner tonight was pan roasted asparagus soup with fresh tarragon courtesy of Bittman’s recipe. It was easy to make, consisted of only 3 ingredients, and delicious at the same time. This will definitely be a repeat soup. I think it might even taste good cold.
Rosemary Focaccia
I also baked some focaccia to along with the soup. I kind of winged the recipes again and this time the dough was pretty wet. I think I need to put more olive oil over the top because it was a bit dry after I took it out of the oven. Nonetheless, the thyme, garlic, and fresh rosemary I sprinkled on top still made it delicious.

Brunch @ Vault Cafe (Berkeley)

Brunch @ The VaultFinding a good place to have brunch on a Sunday is always difficult because ideally I like a place that’s both delicious and not-crowded. No one wants to wait half an hour to be seated when they’re hungry and cranky. Vault Cafe wasn’t that crowded and the food was not that bad. The service was a bit slow, but it’s probably because they only had a handful of waiters and a huge room full of tables to take care of.
Brunch @ The Vault
I ordered two eggs sunny-side up. The eggs were the perfect amount of runny and the hashbrowns were nice and crispy. I ordered them with their homemade sausage but the sausage didn’t taste all that different than store-bought sausage. I guess the texture was a little more grainy and “rustic” but if they hadn’t told me it was homemade, I wouldn’t have known.
Brunch @ The Vault
The BF ordered the tofu scramble. Other than being tofu and scrambled, it wasn’t too great. He also claims his hashbrowns were not as crispy because he ordered a vegan dish, but I doubt that’s true.

The best part of brunch was the fresh squeezed orange juice. The waitress warned us that it was pulpy and it definitely was pulpy. My straw could stand up on its own in the glass without leaning on anything. Despite the pulp, the juice was still refreshing.

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Vault Cafe
3250 Adeline St
Berkeley, CA 94703