Vancouver: Fresh Soy Milk

soy milk factory

While wandering around Vancouver last weekend, the BF and I found a soy milk and tofu place. It’s a bit small and hole-in-the wall, but oh man was the soy milk delicious. Unfortunately, we had already eaten breakfast, so we didn’t have room for any food, but we did drink a nice hot cup of sweetened soy milk.

Vancouver: Peaceful Restaurant

For dinner one night in Vancouver, the BF and I went to Peaceful Restaurant. I have a rule about a restaurant’s quality being at an inverse relation to how good their site looks, but my rule was wrong this time. The website was decent, but the food was more than decent; it was comforting, delicious, crave-worthy Chinese food.


We started off with a cucumber appetizer. The cucumbers were crispy and had a slightly spicy taste. It wasn’t “Oh my god, I won’t be able to taste the rest of the meal” spicy. I couldn’t wait to try what was coming next after having this dish.
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