Tomatoes on Bread in Italy

One thing I envy about the Italians (other than having decent wine wherever they go) is their fresh tomatoes.  Will picked up a couple of tomatoes from a random market on a street we happened to be on.  Pair that up with some bread from a bakery across the street, and you get a pretty delicious light lunch.  The tomatoes were so savory and rich that we didn’t even miss not having olive oil or salt in the place we were staying.

Tomatoes in Italy
Can anything look more delicious?

Dinner from the Garden

Dinner tonight was simple and came from my garden. San Marzano tomatoes tossed in warm olive oil infused with garlic and some chopped basil.  The tomatoes and basil were the fruits of my labor. Well, the basil was almost half-dead, but it still tasted fine!

Dinner from the garden

We’ve been in a race against some sort of garden critter with who can get to the ripe tomatoes first. I always lose because I think, “This tomatoes needs one more day on the vine,” but the next day, it’s 1/3 eaten.  The critter should be appreciative enough to eat the whole thing instead of wasting it!

Goodbye Summer

My Last Tomatoes of the Season

It saddens me to say that I picked the last of my tomatoes from my black prince tomato plant a few weeks ago and no tomatoes have grown back. I guess this marks the end of summer. These tomatoes were the first I’ve ever planted. They were delicious, but small — the largest one was about only 2 inches in diameter. I think next year, I’ll try a different variety because the skins on these were a bit too thick for my liking although the flesh inside was so good.