Vegan fish & shrimp tacos

fish and shrimp tacos for dinner

I know, I know. How can fish and shrimp tacos be vegan? They’re obviously not made out of shrimp or fish, but I like to pretend they are.

We bought some fake-meat shrimp from a veggie market in the SGV so I tried to batter and fry them like regular shrimp, but the batter didn’t stick so well. The texture of the fake shrimp was really strange; when I imagine food from the future, that’s what I imagine it tasting like.

The vegan fish was made my usual way: frozen tofu, thawed out, battered with flour & panko and then fried. It didn’t come out as good this time though, probably because I didn’t have it in the freezer for too long.

In addition to the salsa, I also made a vegan white sauce for the tacos. Usually white sauce is mayonaise, condensed milk, and lime. I used veganaise, almond milk, and lime and it tasted pretty good. I wanted the sauce to go with shredded cabbage piled on top of the tacos, but I forgot to buy cabbage. Oops.