Spring is here! So is green garlic

Spring vegetables are some things I look forward to most after winter.  Even though the mild winters of California are nothing to complain about, part of me is always glad when the days start getting longer and the days warmer.

Will’s co-worker gifted us with a bunch of green garlic from his garden. What a great guy!


Will made an omelette out of them the first night.


I made a simple topping out of chopped green garlic, portabella mushrooms, a dash of red pepper flakes, some salt, a squeeze of lemon, and pepper to taste.  I used a cup of pasta water to make it have more of a sauce consistency and then tossed it with some thin spaghetti.

Springtime is here!

A spring dinner

Springtime is here and guess what that means? Tasty spring vegetables. I love fresh fava beans but they’re always such a pain to cook because you have to shell them twice most of the time. I was thrilled when the BF made these fava beans because that means I can eat, but not do any of the work required to make them. He also cooked up some tender carrots and drizzled them with lemon and olive oil — delicious.

Springtime dinner

For my celebration of spring dish, I made brussel sprouts hash, which is faster and to make than just regular brussel sprouts. I just cut the brussel sprouts into 1/4″ slices, not caring if they fell apart. This part takes longer than if you just halve them, but it makes them easier to cook. I threw the brussel sprouts in with some diced onions that were already cooked and tender in a pan and just cooked them on medium low until they’re all tender.

I also cooked a simple carrots and shallots dish inspired by one of Bittman’s blog posts. This was easy schmeasy: just shallots, carrots, some olive oil, and salt to taste.

For a gut-filler I roasted some fingerling potatoes. Roasting potatoes always takes a long time if you just roast raw potatoes, so I just cut these in halves, boiled them till tender, then tossed them with olive oil, rosemary, and thyme, a bit of black pepper, and threw them all in a roasting pan with a quartered onion for about 20-30 minutes. You can leave the onion out, but I love roasted onion so I thought I’d take advantage of the oven being on and throw them in too.

Artichoke and aioli

While we were waiting for the food to roast, we munched on an asparagus artichoke I had steamed earlier. I love asparagus, but it always seems like so much work for so little pay-off even though steaming doesn’t really count as that much work.

Spring Is Here!

Dinner -- Persian Style
Dinner tonight was fresh fava beans with Persian rice and tahdig. It was not bad considering this is the first time I’ve made either of those things. My tahdig skills are still lacking because we didn’t get enough of a rice crust at the bottom, but what we did get was delicious. Adding the leftover fresh herbs (rosemary and tarragon) and some chopped garlic really made the brown rice flavorful.

Shelling the fresh fava beans were a pain, but they were delicious. I should get some more from the middle eastern store up the street while they’re still in season and pretty cheap.

Eating the rice cooked with herbs and fresh beans made it really feel like spring despite it getting a bit chilly tonight.