Dinner: Dduk Soup

Dduk soupI was craving something simple and comfy, which prompted me to make dduk soup tonight for dinner. It’s just dduk (Korean for pounded rice-ovals), napa cabbage, seaweed, silken tofu, cremini mushrooms, green onions, carrots, and swirled eggs. I just seasoned it with salt to taste and then topped each bowl off with sesame oil. The starchiness of the rice gave the broth a nicely thick mouth-feel.

The whole meal was quick to make. It took maybe half an hour. It’s an easy one-pot meal and I like that it has all of the food groups covered.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a simple, slightly-bland meal to reset your palate after eating too much rich stuff.

Dinner: Vegan Tuna Sandwich

Dinner: Vegan tuna salad sandwich with soup

I was watching a clip of Obama making a tuna salad sandwich with his daughters today, which brought on a craving for tuna salad sandwiches. After googling a bit, the consensus was that mashed chickpeas were perfect for mock tuna salad.

I made this version with a can of drained chickpeas. I didn’t bother rinsing them because I wanted them to retain their sodium, kind of like real tuna from a can. I mashed it with a fork, then added in minced green onions (green and white parts), minced capers, some dijon mustard, some veganaise and a couple shakes of salt to taste. No one would mistake it for the real thing, but it’s tasty in its own right.

I also made some tomato soup from scratch. Well, kind of. I made it by roasting some canned and drained tomatoes in the oven, then adding them to the onions I was cooking in a pot. It was fairly easy and I liked this tomato soup better than the tomato soup we usually have from a can. Even though the tomatoes are also from a can, the soup didn’t have that funny taste that canned soups usually have.

The soup was inspired by this funny Bittman video.

Dinner: Kale Stew

Dinner: Kale and Chickpea stew

For dinner, I made kale and chickpea stew. I initially wanted to start off the broth with some browned onions, but I forgot to get onions at the market, oops. The stew just consists of: garlic, olive oil, chickpea, kale, vegetable broth, and tomato paste. I spiced it up with some red curry powder, cayenne pepper, and a bay leaf, but I’m not sure if that added anything to the soup at all. It’s served on top of some quick garlic bread and topped with a fried egg.