Sandwiches @ Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Galco’s in Highland Park may be known for their dizzying assortment soda, but what many people might not know is that they also make pretty decent subs at the deli counter at the back of the store.  On a warm afternoon last weekend, the BF and I made a stop at Galco’s just so I could get a sandwich and wash it down with a fizzy beverage.

Coldcut Sandwich at Galcos

I forget the exact name of my sandwich, but I think it was the Italian Combo, which comes with thin slices of various meats like salami, a slice of cheese, and the usual fixin’s such as tomatoes, mayonnaise, lettuce, etc.  My sandwich was a bit light on mayo for my taste, but the meats hit the spot. The bread was also thick and chewy for people who like that type of bread.  My filling was a bit dry with the bread, but next time, I’ll have to ask for the Mafia Mix (marinated tomatoes and onions in olive oil and spices) to be added to my sandwich in order to take advantage of the thick bread.

Although Galco’s doesn’t offer any fake-meat options, the BF asked them to make a veggie sandwich for him with the Mafia Mix and avocado and snuck in some vegan cold cuts from my purse to tuck into the sandwich before eating.

There are a few tables set up inside the store for eating next to the checkout counters, but don’t expect a fine dining experience. A cold sandwich, a cold soda (I suggest Fentimans Curiosity Cola or Burdock Root soda), a table, and a chair make Galco’s a quick and casual lunch spot.

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Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90042

Hotlips Blackberry Soda & Black Raspberry Soda

Hotlips Blackberry SodaHotlips’ Blackberry Soda was pretty damn good. It wasn’t too tart or cloying. The carbonation was at its usual Hotlips level, but I think I’m slowly getting used to it. The addition of a couple of ice-cubes definitely made the soda more enjoyable.

While I was drinking it, I couldn’t help wondering how it’d taste with some club soda, a splash of vodka, all over ice. I bet it would taste refreshing.

I’d give it 3 out of 5 SAMs.

Hotlips Black Raspberry SodaThe next night, we opened up the Hotlips Black Raspberry Soda. The soda had a musky dark-berry flavor that reminded me of black cherries for some reason. I think of raspberries as being tart, but there was very little tartness in this soda. I like that.

As with the other sodas, I noticed that there’s a decent amount of fruit pulp when I pour into a glass. It’s not as pulpy as say, pulpy orange juice, but it’s definitely pulpy enough to assure me that real fruit went into each bottle of soda.

The BF seemed to enjoy this one a lot. I thought it was pretty good as well, but it’s a bit too thick for me. I still like the blackberry soda the best.

2.5 out of 5 SAMs

Hotlips Pear Soda

Hot Lips Soda (Pear)The first thing I thought when I had a sip of this soda was, “Wow, this really does taste like pear.” The second thing I thought was, “No, actually, it tastes like a poached pear.” I think the vanilla is what gives it that poached pear taste. If you like pear, you’ll like this soda.

Because the carbonation level in Hotlips’ line of soda is low, the soda tasted too sweet and almost syrupy to me. When I mentioned that the soda tasted a little flat in a previous review of the Boysenberry soda, someone from the company contacted me and said they purposely put less carbonation into the soda so that the fruit flavors stand out more. The flavors definitely did stand out, but so did the sweetness. I think if they want so little carbonation in their soda, they should ease off on the sweetness because as it is right now, it tastes too syrupy.

Other than that, I thought the soda had a great real pear flavor — none of that artificial stuff. I wanted to try a some with some soda water mixed in, but I ended up drinking the whole bottle before I had a chance to.

4 out of 5 SAMs