Lecosho (Seattle)

A few blocks from the touristy strip that is Pike’s Place Market, University street ends in a wide set of stairs going down. Lecosho is the small restaurant perched halfway on the stairs, on your left if you’re walking down.  The menu, which ranges from different ways to serve pork to seafood to pasta, and then to vegetables, seems unfocussed if not for the words “food we like” at the top.  If the small sampling that I ordered is indicative of their other menu offerings, I’d say that Lecosho also serves food I like.

Not feeling too hungry, I ordered two small plates from the left side of the menu: the grilled house-made sausage and the warm beet salad.

Warm beet salad from Lecosho.

The warm beet salad, which came with multi-colored beets, chevre, arugula, and frisee was nice and light.  It was exactly what I was craving after a few too any meals of carbs and deep fried richness.

House sausage, egg, and lentils. Lecosho.

The house-made sausage was delicately spiced and not overly salty.  The overstuffed link came on a bed of puy lentils cooked perfectly and half a soft-boiled egg.  I didn’t have to worry about not getting enough protein with that meal.

Looking back on the menu, I’m sad that this restaurant isn’t in LA.  I would love to return soon to try the steelhead or the mussels.

89 University St
(between Post Aly & Western Ave)
Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle: Boom Noodle


The BF and I stumbled upon Boom Noodle on accident Saturday night for dinner. We were actually trying to look for another restaurant, but passed by it and couldn’t resist after looking at the menu. (Actually, I couldn’t resist the cucumber gimlet in the drinks section.)

It was too bad that I forgot my close-up lens in LA ; I couldn’t take any good pictures of the food.


We started off with an edamame puree, which is a bit like humus made out of edamame. The puree was smooth, nutty and flavored well and went perfectly with the chips provided. I just wish there was more puree and chips because I was left wanting more after we finished off the dollop we were given.
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