Soba Sojibo (Sawtelle)

Soba at sojibo on Sawtelle. Not bad, but not ichimian.zaru ten soba

I’m always trying to find soba as good as The One I had in some random suburb of Tokyo made by a Japanese rastafarian who also brewed a mean cup of joe. Soba Sojibo’s soba was not that, but it was decent and better than your run of the mill soba ordered at a non-soba Japanese restaurant.  My favorite part was the soba-yu at the end of the meal. The dipping sauce tasted so good after pouring in the soba-yu.  The octopus wasabi small bite (and it is a very small bite) was pretty good as well.


Soba Sojibo
2006 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Bar Hayama

Despite living within walking distance of Bar Hayama, I finally went for the first time last night for dinner. The outside is unassuming and easy to miss, but inside is a nice spacious shelter from the traffic on Sawtelle. The seats around the large fire pit were already taken, but we nabbed a table near it and it was just as pleasant without having to face a roaring fire.

Bar Hayama

We started with some sake samplers: the Legacy and the Classic. Each sampler (about $15) included 3 different sakes in 2 oz. cups. This was perfect for a sake newbie like me to taste different types without breaking the bank.
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