Initial Thoughts on Dawn of War 2

After hearing the guys @ Idle Thumbs go on and on about Dawn of War 2, I thought I’d show my PC some love and pick it up too. It’s been billed as a cross between Diablo 2 (LOOT!) and RTS. I mainly picked it up because I read there was no micromanaging and base building, two things that keep me away from RTS games usually.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Still very much as hectic as an RTS since you control 4 teams at once.
  • My PC can still run modern games! But only barely. Load times are long.
  • Why do I have to go through so many unskippable logos just to get to the main menu??(edit: nevermind, I guess it’s unskippable during 1st boot, but skippable after that)
  • I’m getting bored of the big bulk space marine look. I hope some female characters get added to my group soon.
  • Loot! I loves it.
  • Path-finding AI is a little glitchy.
  • The game definitely gives me one-more-itis. As in, let me play one more mission before I go to sleep!
  • I can’t see myself playing versus multiplayer, but co-op campaign looks like it might be fun.