We’re Moving!

Gregory checking out boxes

We have boxes all over the place but half our stuff isn’t packed up yet. The movers are coming tomorrow to move all the heavy stuff. We’re moving! Not that far from our old place though.

My commute will be worse. No more biking to work. More traffic. But hey, we’ll have a washer and dryer, and some decent water pressure finally.


Sheldon watching rat porn

We were showing Sheldon some rat porn last night. He didn’t seem that interested. I always wonder if animals look at videos the way we do. Does he know that there are rats on the screen?

Goodbye Year of the Rat

Happy New Year

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year, so I made a banner for the rats that says, “Goodbye year of the rat!”. The BF got some banners made from our front door to invite in an auspicious new year, so why shouldn’t the rats have one too?