A Productive Week

Yesterday, I completed my first week of employment at GoodReads.com.It’s tough starting a new job, learning a new programming language, and just getting used to new conventions, but it went alright.  I even got a few tickets done thanks to a lot of tips from my co-workers.

I mostly worked on google maps integration on our Events page (see here).  Now you can see a map of each individual event when you click through and get driving directions. Woohoo.

During my week at the SF office, we did some pair programming — it was my first time.  It’s stressful and frustrating but I think my pair partner and I finally got sorta in sync by the end. At least, more in sync than we started off.  One computer + two keyboards + two mouses will always be a little stressful, I think.  Despite that, I think pair programming is a good way to learn the ropes because there are tons of tips to pick up from seasoned co-workers.



introduction (skip if you already know what ping.fm is)
While I like Twitter and its micro-blogging updates, it’s too slow and goes down too often to include in my sidebar. That’s where Ping.fm comes in. It’s a free service that lets you send status updates, micro-blogs, and even blogs to all sorts of sites like twitter, facebook, myspace, and so on.

Ping.fm has a handy Custom URL setting that lets you send an update to a custom URL. Utilizing this, I’ve a little script that will grab the updates and display them in my side-bar. This way, I can use Ping.fm to update my twitter and facebook pages, and update my sidebar at the same time.

You can do the same by following these simple steps. (One caveat though: I’m not a PHP programmer, so use the app at your own peril).

update (2008-07-14): I updated a few things in WordPing.fm such as single and double quote escaping correctly as well as auto-parsing of links into clickable URLs. The updated files are in the same download link. Just over-write your old files with the new ones and don’t forget to change the ping log to whatever you ended up naming it.

update (2008-07-17): Changed the link to link to a zip file.
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