Trackback2Flickr (version doh!)

Note: I took the download link down because there was one crucial step I forgot to list.  I’ll revise this and repost it in a few days after I figure out the workflow for that step.

If, like me, you have tons of pictures on your account which you use on your blog, you probably want more integration between the two pages. More specifically, I wanted a trackback to my flickr page every time I linked to a picture from my blog.

Enter Trackback2Flickr.

Example of Trackback2Flickr

What is it?
Trackback2Flickr will post a description to each flickr photo page which gets mentioned in your WordPress blog entries. The post will include a link back to the blog entry.

What do I need?
A wordpress blog, a flickr account with a flickr username, and photos.

(installation instructions after the jump)
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Publish to 1up Plugin

I’ve been neglecting my 1up blog because of laziness.  I already write about games on Siliconera, but I’m still torn between writing more general thoughts about games here, or my 1up blog which is more game-oriented.  I don’t want my 4 readers here to miss out on my insightful game writing, but I also don’t want my 4 readers on 1up to miss out either.

Now I don’t have to decide.  I wrote a WordPress plugin that publishes to any posts I write about games to my 1up blog automagically.  It’s the best of both worlds.  I might be the only person who needs this feature, but if anyone else is interested in this plugin, let me know and I’ll clean it up and release it for public use.