My Photography Setup

Some people have asked me what I use to take my food pictures lately. I’m still using the Nikon D40 I got last year, but I got a new toy from the BF for Christmas this year: the Lowel EGO fluorescent light. It was a bit tricky to put together, and feels flimsy considering the price, but man, the light it gives off is fantastic for taking pictures. The BF and I really noticed a difference the first time we used it. It also comes with a reflector board so you don’t actually need two light sources if you want to minimize shadows.

He also got me the Lowel EGO Sweep Table-top Background Support Stand & Colored Paper Backgrounds which I use for the back drops. It’s small so it’s perfect for food pictures and easy to put away when you’re done. I could probably make something like it using poster board and butcher paper from the office supply store, but it’s nice to have it with minimum fuss.