Seville Orange Cocktails — 2 ways


An experiment with seville orange juice led to this gin sour.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, and it was certainly drinkable, but it was lackluster.  No flavors really stood out, and it just tasted smooth and sweet.  Maybe next time, leaving out the simple syrup would let the seville oranges stand out more since they’re sweet enough to not need extra sugar.

Gin sour recipe:

2oz plymouth gin
1oz seville orange juice
less than 0.5oz of 2:1 simple syrup

Shake, double strain, serve in cocktail glass with a flamed peel.


The whiskey sour with seville orange juice was a more successful experiment.  The whiskey taste was strong but tempered by the tartness of the orange.

Whiskey sour recipe:

2oz bourbon (we used Woodford Reserve)
1.5oz seville orange juice
8ml of 2:1 simple syrup