Morels two ways

Morels season is here! All two weeks of it! The BF got a bunch of morels from the mushroom man at the Hollywood Farmer’s market on Sunday. He made scrambled eggs with the first batch, which were quite possibly The Best Scrambled Eggs Evar ™.


Eggs are so tasty with delicious mushrooms because they’re so rich, but soak up so much good flavor from everything else. Eggs are probably on my top 10 list of delicious foods.

The next day, the BF made gnocchi (by hand even!) for dinner and sauteed up the rest of the morels to put on top. The gnocchi was a bit too soft, but hey, not bad for a first try. They tasted even better the next day after soaking up so much olive oil and salt.

Gnocchi and morels

I wish morels weren’t so damn expensive and hard to find so that we can have it more frequently than a couple times each year.