Lars and the Real Girl

I watched Lars and the Real Girl last night and really enjoyed it. It’s about a guy named Lars who has trouble relating to people and his girlfriend who just so happens to be a Real Doll. There are some funny parts, but I wouldn’t call it a comedy.

The characters and their reaction to the Real Doll are poignant and it was touching to see how hard they try to help Lars. All the main actors were perfectly cast, especially Ryan Gosling. I think he’s a bit underrated considering he has been fantastic in every movie I’ve seen him in. He’s also one of the few people who don’t like a molester with a mustache.

The Wackness

The Wackness is about a psychiatrist named Dr. Squires (played by Ben Kingsley) and his client, Luke Shapiro. Luke just graduated high school and just so happens to also be Dr. Squires’ marijuana dealer. Instead of a bunch of hilarity coming out of it, the movie is more of a drama with some funny parts thrown in to lighten the mood.

The movie is a coming of age story, but about two people. Not only does Luke discover himself the summer after high school, but Dr. Squires also ends up finding himself and changing his life.

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Kung Fu Panda

I just got back watching Kung Fu Panda at the theaters. We came a bit late, so we had to sit all the way at the front. I didn’t have high expectations for the movie since I didn’t like previous animated movies from Dreamworks, but this one was decent. The action scenes were really good and there were some genuinely funny scenes, but the rest of the movie had my rolling my eyes. I thought the movie would be over-the-top with being oriental but it was thankfully kept to a minimum.

What I don’t like is the trend of having celebrities do voices for animated movies. I think there are plenty of talented voice actors who can do a better job. I don’t like Jack Black and it was hard trying to like Panda in the movie because Panda was such an animated version of Jack. Having celebrities do it kind of distracts away from the characters they’re playing.

Unrelated to the movie, but people with kids who don’t know how to shut up or who they can’t control should not go to 10:40pm showings. Some people (like me) choose to go to later showings just to avoid having to listen to other peoples’ kids babbling.