Review: House of Leaves

What first drew me to House of Leaves was how so many people who’ve read it called it one of the scariest books they’ve ever read. The book is about a book about a video documentary about a house whose inside dimensions keep changing. If that sounds confusing, multiply it by 10 and that’s how confused I was after finishing the book.

I didn’t find the book as creepy or disturbing as others have made it out to be, but I did find it to be like one of Borges’s labyrinth stories. House of Leaves presents itself in multiple frames:

  • Zampano’s book about the Navidson Record.
  • The story of the Navidsons as depicted through the Navidson Record.
  • Johnny Truant’s story. He’s the editor of Zampano’s book and his story mostly is revealed through footnotes.
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