Thai Sabai — get your ass kicked

Instead of getting the BF something material this year, I got him an appointment for a Thai massage at Thai Sabai which (lucky for us) is only a few blocks from our apartment.

When I first walked up the small flight of stairs into what looked like a doctor’s waiting room, I was apprehensive about the place I picked. My fears were put aside as soon as I saw the massage rooms: cozy, welcoming, and tranquil. The BF and I shared a room split by a curtain between our two mats on the floor.

My masseuse was strong and found all the tense parts on my back that needed work quickly. I’m a wimp when it comes to massage so I whined about her using too much pressure, but she let off only a little bit after convincing me that while it would hurt while she was doing it, it would feel better later. All the while, she kept telling me to relax. It’s hard to relax when someone is beating the crap out of you, BTW.

After the main massage parts (where she used her body weight and her feet to press down on my muscles), she helped me do a bunch of stretches which felt fantastic. Even though I’m still sore, hours afterward, it really did loosen up my shoulders a bit and I do feel better.

The BF seemed to enjoy it a lot too and is talking about going back.

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Thai Sabai
1951 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Weekend Dump

On Saturday, the BF and I went to his waitress friend’s house for dinner. She’s planning on opening up a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the west side and wanted to run some dishes by us and some of her other friends for feedback. I would have taken pictures of all the dishes she cooked, but they all looked so good I dug in before remembering to snap pictures most of the time.

First came some tofu sticks. They were seasoned well, firm and chewy and went well with the tasty peanut dip. The peanut dip was getting complements from everyone which was no surprise — it tasted really good even with the absence of fish sauce.
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