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Vegan lunch @ Stuff I EatWho knew that such good vegan food would be at the heart of downtown Inglewood? Not me! Until now. The BF had jury duty this week and found out about a little vegan restaurant after some googling, so we decided to meet there for lunch since I worked so close.

The place doesn’t look like much from the front, but inside it’s quite nice. The lights are dim, there are some comfy couches in the waiting area, the tables are nicely spaced, and the decoration is fitting. Towards the back, by the checkout counter, there’s a refrigerated cage with desserts.

Vegan lunch @ Stuff I Eat

Their menu ranges from burritos to lasagna to sandwiches, so it should appeal to almost anyone. We split an order of the Soul Food Platter ($16) which comes with two pieces of baked tofu with some sort of bbq sauce, yams, greens, cornbread, mac & cheese, and potato salad. Everything was good. The tofu was seasoned well and had a nice chewy texture. I usually don’t like ginger, but the yams’ sweetness paired nicely with the ginger mixed in. The greens were flavored well, but I would have preferred them to be a little less cooked.

I make a pretty damn good bowl of vegan mac & cheese, but the mac & cheese at Stuff I Eat could give mine a run for its money. Their version was creamy, salty, and had more cheese sprinkled on top.

The potato salad didn’t taste like I expected, but was good nonetheless. I prefer their potato salad to the usual potato salad you get at deli counters, which end up being too sour or oniony. The potatoes in this salad were cooked perfectly.

The best part about the Soul Food Platter was the mini cornbread muffins. The bread was airy, fluffy, and had such a good savory taste. A plate of cornbread, a plate of greens, and I would be a happy girl.

Vegan lunch @ Stuff I EatNot knowing if just the Soul Food Platter would be enough food for the both of us, we also got a wild rice taco ($5) when we placed our order. The taco was slightly bigger than your usual taco-truck taco and stuffed with wild rice, greens, guacamole, and a spicy sauce that had a nice kick to it. I don’t know if just the wild rice taco would have filled me up by itself if I were hungry, but it’s nicely sized for a big snack.

After lunch, I felt satisfied, but not stuffed. It was a good feeling.

The food at Stuff I Eat was great, but the prices were on the high side considering its location. I can see those prices being charged if the restaurant was in a high-rent area like Santa Monica, but not in Inglewood. While it’s nice to have a healthy place to eat so close to work, I hope that they aren’t pricing out the other locals. The people working there and I’d like to seem them succeed.

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Stuff I Eat
114 N. Market Street
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: 310-671-0115
Tue to Sun (11am to 7pm)

Doomie’s Disappointment

Doomies Country Fried SteakWho said vegan food had to be healthy food? Yesterday, starving and cranky, the BF and I went to Doomie’s Home Cookin in Chinatown again. I wrote about it previously, but I have to complain about our most recent visit.

There was already a big table of LA bicyclists at one end of the patio. When the waitress finally came to take our order (about 15 minutes after we had sat down and grabbed our own menus), she warned us that the kitchen would be slow because there were so many people here. That’s fine, I said.

I ordered the country fried steak which comes with a side of red roasted potatoes and either soup or salad — I ordered soup. I also ordered an oreo shake. I didn’t expect my food to come out right away, but I did expect the soup to be the first thing that came out. I thought that they’d just have a big pot of soup on the back burner, ready to ladle out into a bowl whenever someone ordered soup. But the soup was no-where to be seen.

About 15-20 minutes later, our meal finally came. My chicken fried steak was okay, but way too salty. The gravy was decent, the potatoes delicious, but everything just tasted drenched in salt. Halfway through the meal, I noticed I still didn’t have my soup or shake (which I was hoping could wash down the salt), so I reminded the waitress.

Doomies Spicy Chicken SandwichThe BF ordered the spicy chicken sandwich with a side of onion rings. The onion rings were great and the spicy sauce that came on the side of the sandwich was indeed spicy. I love it when restaurants give you actual spicy stuff instead of weaksauce spicy stuff. His sandwich tasted alright, but I thought it was a little dry. I would have preferred the mayo and spicy sauce on the bottom instead of at the top, but that’s just me being picky about spread on burgers and sandwiches.

I was completely done with my chicken fried steak for at least five minutes before the soup finally came. Unless they cook the soup from scratch for each order, I don’t see how it could take so long to put some soup in a bowl. And guess what? The soup was too salty.

I inquired about the status of my shake after seeing another table being brought some sort of pink shake. I was going to tell the waitress to just put it in a to-go cup because I was tired of sitting at this place, but she said that they were out of shake. By that time, I had already given up on the shake, but it would have been nice to been informed of this when I ordered. I looked around and only saw 3 shakes, so I don’t see how they could have been out of it.

It might be a long time before I want to go to Doomie’s again. The amount of salt in my food made me feel incredibly parched afterward. If you’re looking for vegan food that makes you feel good and healthy, don’t go to Doomie’s. If you’re looking for slow service (yes, it was slow the first time we went there when we were the only customers too), salty vegan food, and feeling gross afterward, Doomies is your answer.

Quickie Lunch @ Misasa

When I get the craving to eat some no-frills Japanese food, I head to Mitsuwa Marketplace on Centinela and Venice. Usually, I order something from the highly regarded Santouka, but I wanted something different from ramen this time. Enter the katsu-don from Misasa:

Lunch: Katsu-don @ Misasa

Misasa is on the far corner from the entrance when you face the foodcourt. They offer a variety of don’s including an egg and eel don, which I will need to try next time. There are also a couple of bento choices available.

The katsu-don, a big bowl of rice topped with cooked onions, a shoyu-based sauce, breaded pork cutlet and egg, also comes with a few sides: hiyakko tofu, some pickled veggies, miso soup, and cold barley tea. The pork is on the dry side, but the sauce and egg on top saved it. The dish isn’t anything amazing, but it’s good no-nonsense Japanese food. For about $7, it’s a pretty good deal for lunch on the west side.

Dessert: Green tea ice cream

For dessert, I visited the cafe by the entrance and got a green tea ice-cream with red-bean and mochi ($4.50). The mochi was the perfect amount of chewiness and I loved how the ice-cream has that nice matcha bitterness and wasn’t too sweet.

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Misasa in Mitsuwa Marketplace
3760 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066