Dinner last week: Neba-neba soba

Neba-neba soba

Last week, for some unknown reason, I wanted to eat something slimy. That was why I made such a slimy meal. I don’t think the BF was that big of a fan of it.

I made cold soba noodles and topped it with grated nagaimo yam, natto, blanched okra, and green onion on top. For the sauce, I just mixed together some soba-cooking water, soy sauce, mirin, and a splash of rice vinegar. It was refreshing on such a hot day.

Dinner: Nabe

Dinner: Nabe

It was cool enough today that I finally got to cook what I had been craving for this past week: nabe. I invited our new neighbors over for dinner and made a huge pot of nabe which consisted of: napa cabbage, fried tofu, lotus root, enoki mushrooms, some other kind of weird mushroom, radish, Chinese leek, and daikon sprouts. I was afraid the simple broth I made out of kombu and ginger would be too thin, but after some soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine, and mirin later, it was fantastic.

I can’t wait till it gets cooler and we can have nabe regularly. I might even invest in a portable gas stove just so we can have it at the table.