Happy Late Bday To Me

July Pikcup

I traded in a bunch of games I never played anymore and racked up $100 in GameStop credit, so I picked up Chocobo Dungeon for the Wii since I love rogue-likes. So far, the story cut-scenes and voice acting is atrocious and I skip all of them, but the game-play is fantastic. The game is too easy and as the BF says, I just pwn everything left and right, but I hope the difficulty picks up.

After two failed attempts at getting the iPhone (the morning of launch day then after work on launch day), I successfully got one this morning. Well actually, the BF got me one, yay. It sucks that they couldn’t port my discounted data plan over though. I ordered a protective skin for it, but now I just have to wait for it to ship to me before I drop the phone. *crosses fingers*

Another Brilliant Dream

I had another great idea come to me in a dream last night.

In my dream, my co-worker was showing me his iPod touch and a new application he installed on it. It made the touch screen into a telephone keypad and he could call people over VOIP. It basically made his iPod touch into an iPhone without the extra cost and service contracts.