iPhone Tip: Screenshots instead of Interweb

I was in Canada for a day or two this weekend and didn’t want to get charged outrageous data-roaming fees on my iPhone so I turned data-roaming off. While in the hotel, where I had free wifi, I looked up the addresses I needed to go to in the map apps and took a screenshot (press the power key and the home key at the same time) of any screens that would come in handy. I also took a screenshot of a google doc I had of all my flight info in case I needed to look anything up.

This may not be the best solution, but having a couple of screenshots came in handy when I needed to figure out if one street was north of the other, and what my flight number was.

Twittelator vs. Twinkle

photo.jpg vs. photo.jpg

Disclaimer: I started using Twittelator first, and then moved onto the Twinkle bandwagon. While I think that Twittelator has more features, I find that Twinkle is simple enough for my everyday use.

Things I like about Twittelator:

  • panic button (even though I would rather call 911 in that case).
  • search function
  • can view EVERYONE’s tweets
  • can view favorites
  • can post exact location via google maps

Things I like about Twinkle:

  • Location awareness.
  • Easy stalking of people around me.
  • Better looking interface.