Pakistani Food in London

I’ve heard many times that British food is nothing to write home about, but the Indian and Pakistani food in the UK is spectacular. Based on my one Indian meal in London (take-out, no less!), I have to agree with that sentiment.

The night after we were mugged the police were still out and people were still feeling shaky about the mood of the city. Since it was so eerily quiet around our hotel, we decided it would probably be best to get take-out and eat it at the hotel room. I know, I know, what are the chances of getting mugged in a restaurant twice? But hey, better no chance than a slim chance of that!

We went to a Pakistani restaurant 1/3 of a mile from our hotel. I got a kofta (lamb meatball) in curry while Will got some sort of vegetable curry. With my kofta, I also ordered coconut fried rice. The kofta was magnificent. A juicy, gamey taste, tender, spiced to perfection, and coated with a delightfully heated curry. The coconut fried rice, which was probably the Indian version of the Chinese-American shrimp fried rice, was also delicious. I was very satisfied with my meal.

Indian food in London

Dinner: Dal with Spinach

Dinner: Dal with spinach

I made dal (Indian lentil stew?) with spinach tonight (recipe) to have over brown rice. I don’t typically like brown rice because it tastes too strong to go with most of the food I want to eat rice with, but it went well with the dal because the dal was already heavily spiced. I usually like to balance out my dinners to have carbs, protein, and veggies and this one followed the formula perfectly.

It only took me about half an hour (not including the rice cooking, which was set on a timer this morning) to cook dinner, so this is definitely going to go under my “quick and filling dinners for < $5" file.

Tara’s Himalayan

I can see eating at Tara’s regularly because it has a lot of great things going for it including:

  • It’s halfway between home and work, which means it’s close to both.
  • The food is delicious in a simple and home-made way.
  • Their lunch specials are a great deal considering how much food you get.
  • The staff is friendly and helpful.
  • They’re vegan friendly.
  • The dipping sauce for the momos is tasty and addictive.

Tara's Himalayan
We started off with the aloo achar, which was kind of like potato salad with a curry or chutney sauce. I still can’t figure out what it is supposed to be, but it was flavorful and tasty nonetheless. It had just enough spice to perk up my appetite without being so spicy that I couldn’t taste anything after it.
Tara's Himalayan
Next came the steamed vegetable momos which are basically dumplings. The waitress was nice enough to let us know they didn’t contain egg or dairy for the vegan of our party after checking with the kitchen. I thought the filling was a little too mushy, but the the flavor was good. I really liked the tomato dipping sauce that came with it: tangy and salty but very unlike ketchup.
Tara's Himalayan
As the main meal, I had the chicken masala with a side of garlic naan. The sauce was great and went well with the naan. The chicken was surprisingly tender and savory. It was even better heated up as leftovers the next day.
Tara's Himalayan
The BF had the okra curry which they made without any dairy or ghi for him. I wouldn’t have said this was curry if I hadn’t known because it doesn’t taste like curry at all, but it’s still good. Some pieces of okra was tough and stringy and there were some stem pieces left in, which was disappointing. I thought it was better the last time I ordered it, but I didn’t have them make mine vegan that time.
Tara's Himalayan
Their garlic naan was light and puffy, but I didn’t really taste the garlic until I had some leftovers reheated the next day.

The food is decent, the prices are good, and they serve manga lassi (which I love). I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t return.

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Tara’s Himalayan
10855 Venice Blvd
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(310) 836-9696