Happy Birthday BF!

Sourdough wafflesIt’s the BF’s birthday today, so I made sourdough waffles for him for breakfast. He helped with the batter, but I’d like to say that the waffle success was because of my magical sourdough starter that’s still going strong.

Tomato plant progressTomato plant progress

I haven’t done a tomato plant update for a while, but it’s still growing fast.  More and more little tomatoes are popping up, but the ones that are already there don’t seem to be ripening fast enough. Maybe I’m just being too impatient.  I’m already fantasizing about slices of fresh, ripe tomatoes topped with burrata from Gioia, a drizzle of olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Tomato Plant Update #2

Tomato and Basil PlantsTomato and Basil Plants

My tomato plant is still doing well, a week later. I noticed a lot more flower buds than last week and two have already dropped off and turned into teeny tiny tomatoes. The picture on the right is a close up of one of them. I hope the birds don’t get to it before I do!

The basil plants look a lot more healthy too, now that I’ve moved them outside into the tomato container. They’re getting pretty bushy, but the leaves are still pretty small. I hope the basil and tomatoes continue to play nicely together.

Tomato Plant Update

Tomato and basil in a containerMy Tomato & Basil Plant

(before & after)

It’s only been 10 days but my little tomato plant is really taking off! Not to mention the two basil plants cohabiting the container. Looks like I’m going to need to stake the plant soon though. There are already a handful of blossoms on the plant and you know what the blossoms lead to: tomatoes!  I guess fertilizing plants really does do good things to it. Who would’ve guessed?