Interview with World of Goo devs

GameSetWatch has a great interview with Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, the devs behind World of Goo. My favorite part of the interview was when Kyle said:

I think one of our happiest moments was when Iwata and Miyamoto played chapter one, liked it, and said, “Hey, let’s make this get on Nintendo.” Childhood heroes playing your game — it was a head-spinning moment for both of us.

The game is fantastic, addictive, and a lot of fun BTW. It’s a steal at $15 on WiiWare.

Pickups of the Month

Despite not wanting to spend a whole lot of money this month so I can save up for Rockband 2 and a PS3, I ended up picking a few things up this past week.

Stuff I picked up

The good part about the above picture is that I got the cute owl dress on sale for $7! I couldn’t believe it. I almost walked past the rack it was on, but it caught my eye and it was the perfect size too. I’ve been meaning to pick up Miyuki Miyabe’s adult book for a while after reading Brave Story. Since I wanted to get a 2000 Wii points card from Amazon, I added the book as filler to get free shipping.
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Nintendo DSi!

Looks like Nintendo is at it again with fantastic upgraded versions of current software. As if the DSphat to DSLite upgrade wasn’t good enough already, here comes the DSi. It’s the DS, but thinner, sexier, has an SD card slot, a camera, MP3 functionality, AND can support downloadable games via something like Wiiware.

I’m super excited to get one on the first day. The main thing I’m looking forward to is the SD slot.