Persona 4 Impressions

I’ve been playing a lot of Persona 4 since I got it last week, which doesn’t really translate to much progress in the game. The intro is long and it wasn’t until 2 hours into the game that I finally got to fight in a dungeon. But once I got into the dungeon, the game was all that I hoped it would be.

While the basic game is much like Persona 3, there are lots of improvements: your party doesn’t get tired from dungeon exploring anymore, knocked down characters (and enemies) can get up and act on the same turn, faster menu, quick way to select locations to go to instead of just walking everywhere, only one type of physical attack, and better music.

Persona 4 is more difficult than Persona 3, which is good because I found 3 to be too easy. It took me at least 3 tries to beat the mid-boss in the first dungeon and and 3 tries to beat the dungeon story boss. Levels seem to affect character stats a lot more now because all I had to do was level up all my characters once to make the boss battle easy. Well, that and having the right persona equipped as usual.

Someone made a handy fusion/fission generator that helps with creating personas if you don’t have the Double Jump guide:

  1. Fusion – choose two personas and it’ll tell you the outcome.
  2. Fission – choose a persona and it’ll tell you all the ways you can create it.

I’m happy to see the PS2 going out with such a bang.

Yay TV!

My new console gaming setup

Yes, we’ve finally moved into the HDTV age. We had an HDTV before, but it was only a 26″, which we thought would be enough when we got it, but now compared to this TV, I can’t believe we’ve been looking at a small screen for so long.

This baby is a Panasonic Viera 50″ plasma with 1080p. Unfortunately, we can’t test out the 1080p functionality because I have one of the old 360s with no HDMI-out. Noooooo! Oh well, I’m still glad I got this. Now I can actually see the text from my games without having to stand up from the couch.

I’m still paranoid about image retention. Luckily, Gears doesn’t have a static crosshair most of the time and I switch weapons enough to prevent burn in of the weapon shapes.

Thoughts on Mirror’s Edge Demo

I’m hyped for Mirror’s Edge after playing the demo tonight. It’s about time that games start to feature strong female characters who have realistic boobs.

Even though the game features more on platforming and parkour action instead of combat, I’m pleased to see that combat isn’t as stilted as it looked in early trailers. Despite the lack of combat, my heart was still pounding during the demo thanks to its “Oh my god, something is chasing me” dynamics.

Some people said that the setting and graphics in Mirror’s Edge are too sterile, but that’s the whole point. It is a dystopian society after all. I for one, love the crisp setting and the blue tone of the entire game. It just looks so futuristic without looking too sci-fi.

If the demo is any indication of the full game, I can’t wait till mid-November.