Weekend Dump

On Saturday, the BF and I went to his waitress friend’s house for dinner. She’s planning on opening up a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the west side and wanted to run some dishes by us and some of her other friends for feedback. I would have taken pictures of all the dishes she cooked, but they all looked so good I dug in before remembering to snap pictures most of the time.

First came some tofu sticks. They were seasoned well, firm and chewy and went well with the tasty peanut dip. The peanut dip was getting complements from everyone which was no surprise — it tasted really good even with the absence of fish sauce.
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Quickie Lunch @ Misasa

When I get the craving to eat some no-frills Japanese food, I head to Mitsuwa Marketplace on Centinela and Venice. Usually, I order something from the highly regarded Santouka, but I wanted something different from ramen this time. Enter the katsu-don from Misasa:

Lunch: Katsu-don @ Misasa

Misasa is on the far corner from the entrance when you face the foodcourt. They offer a variety of don’s including an egg and eel don, which I will need to try next time. There are also a couple of bento choices available.

The katsu-don, a big bowl of rice topped with cooked onions, a shoyu-based sauce, breaded pork cutlet and egg, also comes with a few sides: hiyakko tofu, some pickled veggies, miso soup, and cold barley tea. The pork is on the dry side, but the sauce and egg on top saved it. The dish isn’t anything amazing, but it’s good no-nonsense Japanese food. For about $7, it’s a pretty good deal for lunch on the west side.

Dessert: Green tea ice cream

For dessert, I visited the cafe by the entrance and got a green tea ice-cream with red-bean and mochi ($4.50). The mochi was the perfect amount of chewiness and I loved how the ice-cream has that nice matcha bitterness and wasn’t too sweet.

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Misasa in Mitsuwa Marketplace
3760 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066