Trackback2Flickr (version doh!)

Note: I took the download link down because there was one crucial step I forgot to list.  I’ll revise this and repost it in a few days after I figure out the workflow for that step.

If, like me, you have tons of pictures on your account which you use on your blog, you probably want more integration between the two pages. More specifically, I wanted a trackback to my flickr page every time I linked to a picture from my blog.

Enter Trackback2Flickr.

Example of Trackback2Flickr

What is it?
Trackback2Flickr will post a description to each flickr photo page which gets mentioned in your WordPress blog entries. The post will include a link back to the blog entry.

What do I need?
A wordpress blog, a flickr account with a flickr username, and photos.

(installation instructions after the jump)
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I’m lazy. I want the quickest and easiest way to get pictures off my digital camera and onto Flickr with the option of doing some really basic editting in-between. For a couple of months now, I’ve been using FlickrExport for iPhoto and it’s fantastic. I first tried out their demo version just to make sure I liked it enough, but after using it for a month, I bought the retail version (about $15) and it was a worthy investment.

FlickrExport adds an “Export to Flickr” option in the export menu in iPhoto. It lets you select the photos you want in iPhoto and when you export them, it opens up a window that lets you change things like set the max picture size, tags, titles, descriptions, sets, and all sorts of things that I would have needed to go to the Flickr website to do manually. After all that is set, I click “export” and all the work is done for me.

My favorite part is that you can choose to edit the parameters of all the pictures you want to export at once (like if I wanted everything to be a max of 450px in width), or I could edit them separately (like if I wanted some pictures to be 850px and others to be 450px).

Considering iPhoto is what opens up by default when I plug in my camera in and I use it to tweak basic white balancing and color adjustments, it’s the perfect solution for me to use FlickrExport to upload it into Flickr.