Porcini are here!

Porcini Mushroom

A trip to the Santa Monica Saturday farmer’s market yielded a small paper bag full of procini mushroom. The mushroom man was in a good mood and threw in a couple extra pieces.

At first, when we looked at them, the BF and I didn’t know what was going on. There was some weird green, brownish stuff on the bottom that we that was dirt or dirty stuff. It’s a good thing we asked the mushroom men though, because they explained that those were the gills and the best part about these mushrooms. When cooked, that part gets soft and practically melts like butter. Some people call it vegetarian foie gras.

The mushrooms had a powerful, strong, earthy taste. I could see some truth to the foie gras comments. They were delicious just browned on the pan with a dash of salt. I was sad to see how much they reduced once cooked though.

Dinner: Garlic Soup and Tomato Salad

Dinner: Farmer's Market FindsI woke up early this morning to go to the Santa Monica Famer’s Market. I’d been meaning to go to the Wednesday ones, but since it’s only from 8:30am to 1:30pm and I usually work on Wednesday, it means I have to wake up extra early to go. It was actually pretty nice to get up early and go to the farmer’s market — the weather was great and it was by the beach, so the air wasn’t too bad either.
Dinner: Farmer's Market Finds
I mainly wanted to get tomatoes for dinner. I guess it’s a late tomato season this year because while the tomatoes were okay, only the red ones were really good and ripe. Either way, the fresh burrata from Gioia (some cheese place in El Monte) was fantastic on the salad.
Dinner: Farmer's Market Finds
I also made French Roasted Garlic Soup with the four heads of garlic. The soup was rich and delicious, but definitely not for people who are wishy-washy about garlic. I found that adding a splash of rice vinegar to the soup at the end, even though it’s not in the recipe, brightens up the soup and cuts down on the overpowering richness of the garlic.

Dinner: Egg Salad & Beets

Dinner: Egg salad sandwich

The BF made egg salad sandwich last night for dinner with farm fresh no-killed-chicken eggs he ordered online. It was delicious, especially with the fresh chives from my pot on the balcony.
Dinner: Beet Salad

We had the sandwich with a beet salad made with beets from the farmer’s market. I never knew beets were so good. Fresh beets can be so tasty while canned beets can be so un-tasty.