Ethiopian Craving

These past few weeks, I’ve been having mad Ethiopian cravings. I already went to Rahel a couple of weeks ago, but that didn’t quell my need for spiced stews. I did some googling and was excited to read that there’s an Ethiopian restaurant pretty near my work!

I went to Industry Cafe & Jazz for lunch today for some delicious Ethiopian food. It was pretty quiet in the restaurant — only three tables full. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I asked the owner, who was taking my order, to just give me a plate of whatever he thought I should try.

Industry Cafe & Jazz

Out came a plate of injera, two stews and a pretty boring salad. I was sad that he thought I wanted a generic mixed-greens salad with mediocre dressing. I would have preferred collard greens. The rest of the plate was fantastic. Injera was soft, sour, and spongey. The chicken stew as flavorful and just the right amount of spicy. The red lentil stew was tender and hearty.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Might have to go again tomorrow.

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian

Rahel is one restaurant in a row of tasty Ethiopian restaurants in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax. How does this restaurant stand out against the rest? It serves delicious vegan food.

The interior is dim but cozy and the servers are always ready to answer any questions. Upon entering, you get a choice of sitting at a conventional table, or around a lower table. I usually pick the regular tables because it makes eating easier, especially if a couple of people have beverages.

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian

The best way to try out the most food at Rahel is to order one of the combos. This time, we went with the Dudade Special Combo for two, which comes with:

Shiro wot(Chick pea stew), Split lentil stew, Yeatkilt stew, Split-pea stew, String beans mixed with carrots, Yeshimbra assa (powder chick-pea stew), Greens, Yebagela siljo (broad beans paste), Stuffed green, Peppers, Tomatoes Salad, Sunflower mixed with Injera and Salad.

My favorites from the Dudade Special are the chickpea stew, the broad bean paste, and greens, but in reality, everything on the plate was delicious. Except for the tomato salad. It might have been an off-day because usually I like this refreshing salad, but this time, the tomatoes were tasteless and watery. I guess that’s what happens when tomatoes aren’t in season.

It’s hard not to leave stuffed from Rahel Ethiopian. The plentiful injera (the bread) and the hearty supply of stews makes this vegan restaurant one of my favorites because I always leave satiated and happy. It’s an ideal place to come with friends who aren’t squeamish about sharing the same plate of food.

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Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant
1047 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA‎ – (323) 937-8401‎

Dinner @ Addis (Oakland)

Dinner @ AddisThe BF and I went up to Oakland for the weekend and had dinner at Addis, an Ethiopian place on Telegraph. The place was bigger inside than it looked from the outside and the food was tasty and more than enough for 4 grown people (me, the BF, his dad, and the BF’s sister’s partner).
Dinner @ Addis
^The vegan platter with an addition of a tofu thing. The collard greens were flavorful and tender and I liked the potatoes and carrot thing. They tasted like Asian curry. The tofu thing was good, but it tasted more Thai than Ethiopian.
Dinner @ Addis
I ate more from the meat-eaters combo plate. In the bowl was a spicy chicken leg and hard boiled egg thing. Then there was a ground beef, cheese, and spicy stuff thing. We couldn’t agree on if we wanted it well done or rare, so the waitress was nice enough to let us split it up. The 3 o’ clock is the well done ground beef. At 5:30 is the rare one. It looked more raw than rare, but hey, at least it was still warm. Despite its spicy pinkness, the rare ground beef thing was delicious — like a steak tartar.

The salads in the middle were kind of a trap. I ate a big mouthful to cool down from the spiciness of the rest of the plate only to realize that the salad had huge pieces of jalapenos cleverly hidden under the lettuce.

Despite the heat, all the food was good. It was a shame that we had so much leftover and couldn’t take it back with us because we had to go somewhere else and we didn’t want the car to get stinky.

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Addis Ethiopian
6100 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA
(510) 653-3456