Spring Is Here!

Dinner -- Persian Style
Dinner tonight was fresh fava beans with Persian rice and tahdig. It was not bad considering this is the first time I’ve made either of those things. My tahdig skills are still lacking because we didn’t get enough of a rice crust at the bottom, but what we did get was delicious. Adding the leftover fresh herbs (rosemary and tarragon) and some chopped garlic really made the brown rice flavorful.

Shelling the fresh fava beans were a pain, but they were delicious. I should get some more from the middle eastern store up the street while they’re still in season and pretty cheap.

Eating the rice cooked with herbs and fresh beans made it really feel like spring despite it getting a bit chilly tonight.

Bleh, Mondays

I had a much needed wine spritzer before dinner tonight. The BF made it with some club soda and wine we opened last night. I had it with some chips and salsa because I’m classy like that.
Dinner: Orzo Salad
The BF also made orzo pasta salad for dinner, which was simple and tasty and made use of the leftover herbs we had in the fridge. I hate how when we buy fresh herbs from the store and never end up using all of it.

After too long of a day at work, I came home and played some more My Life As A King. I know I’m not really being productive, but it feels productive and rewarding knocking a feel more dungeons out in the game. I wonder if this is how project managers feel after engineers finish projects.

I’ve started turning off my email at work these couple of days and I think I’ve been more productive without it. I don’t really need to be checking it every ten minutes. This way I can just focus on the things I need to finish that day instead of stressing over other things I need to add to my queue.

Dinner: Bread and Soup

Asparagus Soup
Dinner tonight was pan roasted asparagus soup with fresh tarragon courtesy of Bittman’s recipe. It was easy to make, consisted of only 3 ingredients, and delicious at the same time. This will definitely be a repeat soup. I think it might even taste good cold.
Rosemary Focaccia
I also baked some focaccia to along with the soup. I kind of winged the recipes again and this time the dough was pretty wet. I think I need to put more olive oil over the top because it was a bit dry after I took it out of the oven. Nonetheless, the thyme, garlic, and fresh rosemary I sprinkled on top still made it delicious.