Dinner: Vegetarian Laksa

Laksa ingredients

Maybe I should have gone to a Singaporean or Malaysian market for the laksa ingredients, but I found most of what I needed at Mitsuwa, a Japanese market. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any mint, which apparently is one of the main ingredients of laksa. Oops.
Dinner: Veggie Laksa

Oh well, it still came out pretty tasty. I think I used the wrong type of rice noodles for it, but the broth was full and flavorful. The coconut milk really gives it a nice richness that balanced the spiciness of the broth perfectly.

Green Village

The family and I went to Green Village for dinner over the weekend. The place was fancy compared to most of the Chinese restaurants we go to and the prices certainly reflect slightly more upscale decor.

Green Village

We started off with a cold plate of koufu (vegan). It’s a famous Shanghainese dish made out of wheat gluten, bamboo, mushrooms, and other vegetables. This version at Green Village was really good. The texture of the wheat gluten was soft and crispy at the same time and the flavors were just right.
Green Village

Then came the soy sheet roll (vegan), which I thought was one of the better dishes of the night. The rolls contained chopped up baked tofu and was served on a bed of cooked spinach with edamame on top. It’s a pretty common vegetarian dish, so I’m not surprised they could do this well.
Green Village

My dad ordered the fish with Chinese spinach. It wasn’t anything special. The fish was some generic white fish and the Chinese spinach definitely wasn’t fresh. It tasted the same as the Chinese spinach we buy frozen from the market.
Green Village

For a vegetable dish, we ordered the eggplants with long beans (vegan). Other than the sauce being a bit too sweet, these were great. They must have some crazy heat in the kitchen because the eggplants were cooked to perfection: slightly burned on the outside, soft on the inside. Only a wok with high heat can do that. The string beans weren’t bad either.
Green Village

Lastly came the Shanghai short ribs. I think they forgot to put in this order because we didn’t get it until ten minutes after we asked about them when we were almost done with our meal. These were pretty generic tasting and nothing special; I can see them being served at PF Chang’s.

Overall, I thought our meal at Green Village was disappointing. Shanghai has a lot of famous vegetarian dishes, but there weren’t a lot of them on the menu. Considering the quality of the food here, I’m glad I didn’t order the xiao long baos. I’d rather ditch the fancy decor and high prices and go across the street to Mei Long Village for much better Shanghainese cuisine.

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Dinner: Kabocha Korroke

Dinner: Kobocha Croquettes
The BF made kabocha (Japanese squash) Korroke (croquettes) last week but I forgot to post about them. They were delicious. He also made a creamy yuzu dipping sauce for them, which went perfectly. The yuzu really cut down on the oil of the croquette.