Dinner: Tofu Chilaquiles

Tofu chilequilesThe BF made chilaquiles last night.  Usually he uses leftover home-made salsa that I made. This time, we had no salsa on hand, so he made his own with roasted tomatillos and lots of hot peppers.  The salsa was tart, spicy, and just the right amount of sweet. Okay, maybe too spicy because my stomach was complaining the next day.  But the chilaqiules were great with the freshly fried tortilla chips.  Too bad we forgot to put in some avocado.

Yay Waffles!

I’m excited about my new waffle iron.  I’ve been lusting after one for almost a year now and finally broke down and bought a Waring Pro WMK300A. It’s a Belgian style waffle maker, which means it makes nice deep pockets.

The first recipe we tried was the one for vegan Belgian waffles which was pretty good and flavorful. They also kept well. We just threw the leftover waffles in the freezer and then popped them in the toaster whenever we wanted some more.

Savory Moffles

A few weeks ago, I made moffles, or as I like to call them, moffuru. They’re mochi, the hard rectangular kind, put in the waffle iron and then clamped down. They get soft and melt into a waffle shape because of the heat, and then puff up and get crunchy in a minute or so. The mochi waffles are easier to make because you just plop the rectangular blocks down on the waffle iron. I served them with a soy sauce based sauce with rice vinegar and chili paste. Topped with some wok-fried Chinese broccoli, they’re a quick and easy dinner.

Waffles & red bean paste

The next day, I had even more waffles. This time, a more traditional waffle recipe with egg, made by the BF. I toasted these leftover waffles in the toaster and then squeezed some sweet, red bean paste in between them for a fusiony breakfast. The eggy waffle and the red bean paste tasted great together — very similar to those pastries the ladies in front of the Chinese market sell

I was afraid that I’d get bored of the waffle iron in a week or so, but each time I eat a fresh, crispy on the outside, custardy on the inside waffle, I’m glad I finally caved in and bought one.

Good Morning

A good morningI wish all mornings could start like this. Fresh cooked steel cut oats ready when I wake up thanks to the BF loading the rice cooker the night before. I made my bowl of oatmeal savory with some finely chopped kalamata olives, green onions, olive oil, and maggi sauce. He made his sweet with maple syrup and bananas.

Unfortunately, I never have the mental fortitude to wake up early enough on weekday mornings to go through the whole routine of preparing oatmeal, even if it is just putting toppings on. I usually just put the oatmeal in glass tupperware and take it to work so that I can enjoy it leisurely at work. For some reason, if I feel guilty about lollygagging before going to work, but I don’t feel guilty about sleeping in until the last possible minute before I spring out of bed and rush to work.