Fridge Oatmeal Power Breakfast

Fridge oatmeal

In the mornings before breakfast, I like to do as few complicated things as possible. That’s why making oatmeal the night before in the rice-cooker is great for me. An alternative I’ve been doing lately is fridge oatmeal, which are rolled oats rehydrated in the fridge overnight.  I’ve been waking up super hungry lately, so I added a little extra boost to the oatmeal.

Here’s what I put into the little glass jar:

  • A few tablespoons of rolled oats. Quick oats will do well here too. Just add as much as you think you’ll eat. Don’t forget that the oats will expand.
  • A few tablespoons of milk. I used almond milk, but I’d probably use soy milk if I had some around.
  • Twice as much plain yogurt as you put in oats.
  • A few teaspoons of maple syrup. Or leave off the syrup if your yogurt is already sweetened.
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds (for omega 3’s and protein)
  • 1 teaspoon hemp powder (for protein)
  • Stir these ingredients together in the jar until they’re mixed together.  If it seems too dry, add more milk.
  • Top the jar with sliced bananas and berries. I used frozen berries which will thaw just fine overnight.

The next morning, take it out of the fridge, give it a stir, and enjoy.  Oats by themselves don’t keep me full very long, but I’ve found that combining them with all the stuff in the jar seems to do the trick.

Cardamom-scented Oatmeal Pancakes

steel cut oatmeal pancake

Will made this for breakfast the other day using leftover steel-cut oats.  We had steel-cut oats the day before and put what we couldn’t finish in the fridge like we usually do.  They gave the pancakes a great, chewy texture. I’d like to think they also made pancakes a little more healthy.

The recipes uses pre-ground cardamom, but I’d suggest going light on it if you’re grinding your own. Will also added vanilla and cinnamon in the batter for the second batch, which made them 2x better.

[recipe from NYT]

Palm Greens Cafe (Palm Springs)

DSC_5010When visiting a smallish resort town, as Palm Springs is, I lower my expectations about food.  Unless there’s a specifically good restaurant, I try not to be critical about what I put into my mouth.  I go into “eat to live” instead of “live to eat” mode. Or at I least try to.

So for breakfast, the BF and I found ourselves trekking the 1.2 miles from our hotel to Palm Greens Cafe  because it was one of the few places that had decent-sounding vegetarian (and vegan) breakfast options.

Palm Greens Cafe is tucked away in a strip mall next to a thrift store, a night club and a used book reseller.  It’s easy to miss if you’re in a car, but we spotted it as we walked down the street.  The smallish cafe has a handful of small tables and a sign telling customers to order at the counter — all what I expected.

After perusing the breakfast menu, which had things like breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls, various pan cakes, all the typical veggie-breakfast stuff, I settled down on a boring egg sandwich with a side of vegetarian apple sausage.  The simpler it was, the better because that meant less room for mistakes.  The BF ordered buckwheat pancakes with tofu scramble and a date shake.

DSC_5012When my sandwich came, I realized that all it contained were two eggs over-easy between “focaccia” bread.  The focaccia was unlike any that I’ve had before, not in a good way. It didn’t have enough oil on it and was just too dry and the crumb structure was all wrong — but I digress.  I asked for some tomatoes and onions and the waitress gladly brought it out to accompany my barren sandwich.  The egg sandwich wasn’t bad, but just very average. At least the eggs were nice and runny.  The sausage was below average mostly because it was lukewarm and I would have preferred it a little more grilled.

DSC_5011The BF didn’t fare much better. He claimed his tofu scramble tasted like the seasoning came out of a box and his pancakes seemed like they were just sitting around on a heating element for a while.

Although we both had lowered expectations about the food, we still left feeling “meh” about what we ate.  Palm Greens Cafe wasn’t bad for Palm Springs, but if it were in LA, where there are much better tofu scrambles (and that’s not even saying much) and egg sandwiches, it would be a different story. It makes me sad that the cafe touts itself as serving natural food that’s “naturally good for you” but the food is so mediocre. I don’t want people to think that healthy food should taste so bland and unexciting!

The best thing that came out of the breakfast excursion was that I found The Diamond Age for $2 at the thrift store!

Palm Greens Cafe
611 S. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264