Dinner: Bread Salad, Egg, Potatoes, and a drink


Eager to try out my new mint plant, I made myself a mojito when I got home from work today. Unfortunately, there were no limes in the house, but the mojito was still refreshing.
Dinner: Bread Salad

For dinner, I made bread salad (Bittman recipe) with some leftover bread from the weekend. I also roasted some baby potatoes in the oven (not shown) and made savory steamed egg custard (in the background of the pic).

The bread salad was nice and fresh tasting and a good way to use up leftover bread. This was my first time making the savory egg custard and it came out soft and rich. Next time, I’m going to use green onion instead of chives and see if that improves the flavor.

Dinner: Focaccia and Bean Dip

Dinner: Focaccia & Bean Dip

I baked focaccia again tonight. I was in a rush, so instead of letting it proof twice, I just shaped it into a flat square and let it proof/rise once before I put the toppings on and popped it in the oven. I think the lack of the 2nd poof is why this focaccia ended up more dense than the previous versions. The wetter sponge I used to make this made the bread taste really yeasty.

The bean dip was made with white beans (cannellini), garlic, a bit of rose-mary infused olive oil (courtesy of the BF’s sister), salt and some lemon juice. I stuck that all into the food processor and blended it till it looked like the right consistency. I then took out about half of the dip for one version, and then blended what was left in the processor with a tablespoon of harissa (a North African type hot paste) for a bit of spiciness. The BF like the plain version of the dip, but I liked the spicy version.