C9 Sports Bras from Target

purple_sbOne thing that I really needed to get when I started to run more often was a good sports bra or two.  Even though I’m not the most endowed person around, running in a regular bra is just not comfortable and going without is definitely not comfortable.

Luckily for me, Target carries a great line of sports bras called C9 by Champion. I got one like the one on the left. They’re the best sports bras I’ve ever worn. I wish they were around when I was on the volleyball team in highschool!

For one thing, they’re made of magical wicking material that’s thin and breathable. It wicks so well that after a run, the entire bra is drenched with sweat, but my boobs are pretty dry! Yes, I said boobs.

Another thing I like about them is that they don’t cost a ton of money.  I could go to a sports equipment store like REI and pay $30 for a sports bra, or I could go to Target and pay $15-16 for one. The choice was easy, but what wasn’t easy was picking out what colors/styles I wanted to buy. But hey, at this price, I could actually afford to get more than one.