Some thoughts about Borderlands

borderlands-looks-niceI finished Borderlands last week! It’s one of the few xbox 360 games I completed lately.  A game needs to be engaging for me to spend more than a few hours on it thanks to all the other games that I want to play and my backlog.

Things I loved about the game:

  • Diablo loot-a-thon + first person shooter + RPG: This is the main reason why I bought the game. I wished that Fallout 3 was more FPS-ish and thi s is the game that answered the wish.
  • Art style: it’s like a cartoonish, twisted, colorful Fallout
  • Gearbox: I have fond memories of them from their Half-Life 1 days.
  • Claptraps!

Things I liked about the game:

  • Driving vehicles was easy schmeezy
  • I didn’t get lost in the open world
  • Lots and lots of different guns
  • Online co-op was easy to set up and lots of fun with a buddy

Things I didn’t like about the game:

  • Joining a player’s game will make you automatically inherit all their available quests whether you’re ready for them or not
  • The story was pretty generic
  • I couldn’t turn my controller’s vibration off

Things I hated about this game:

  • The path to the end of the game: finally making my way to the vault.
  • The ending

SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to complain about the ending below, so if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read it.

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