Problem Transferring Purchases to iTunes

I’m having a bit of a problem.  I buy a lot of apps from one computer (a PC) and wanted to sync them to my main computer (a macbook). Easy schmeezy right? Just open up iTunes, go to File >> Transfer Purchaes From “Pegasus” (what my phone is named). Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me.  It pretends to copy and transfers my apps from my phone, only it never shows up in my iTunes library.

I tried syncing. I tried unplugging. I tried de-authorizing/authorizing my MacBook with the same iTunes account. No luck at all.

Finally I had to just re-download all the apps from iTunes onto my MacBook. Luckily, Apple did a better job in that department than bug-testing the purchase transferring tool because since I already purchased the apps once, it just let me re-download them for free.

But even that has bad UI.  For an app that I already purchased elsewhere, I still have to click the “buy” button and hope that it doesn’t repurchase it because I don’t want to pay for something twice! Luckily, on all the apps I’ve already purchased, a dialog pops up that says, “Just kidding! You already bought this, so you get to d/l it for free!” It would be nice if they told me that before the vague “buy” button.

Happy Late Bday To Me

July Pikcup

I traded in a bunch of games I never played anymore and racked up $100 in GameStop credit, so I picked up Chocobo Dungeon for the Wii since I love rogue-likes. So far, the story cut-scenes and voice acting is atrocious and I skip all of them, but the game-play is fantastic. The game is too easy and as the BF says, I just pwn everything left and right, but I hope the difficulty picks up.

After two failed attempts at getting the iPhone (the morning of launch day then after work on launch day), I successfully got one this morning. Well actually, the BF got me one, yay. It sucks that they couldn’t port my discounted data plan over though. I ordered a protective skin for it, but now I just have to wait for it to ship to me before I drop the phone. *crosses fingers*