Coraline (3D)

The last time I watched something in 3D, it was either Captain EO at Disneyland (is that attraction even there anymore?) or the Honey I Shrunk the Kids ride at Universal Studios. Coraline in 3D showed me that 3D technology has come a LONG way. The stop motion animation was fantastic in 3D. I’m glad they didn’t make it too gimmicky with all sorts of stuff flying at you from the screen. Most of my favorite 3D scenes were just normal room scenes where you could easily see the difference between foreground and background objects.

The animation and music were my favorite parts of the movie. Had I been a kid, I probably would have enjoyed the story more, but now that I’m a jaded and cynical grown-up (bleh), I couldn’t help rolling my eyes in some scenes whether it be because of the writing, or just the overly didactic tone the movie took in the end. The story seemed like a retelling of Alice in Wonderland to me.

Another thing that I liked about Coraline was the trailer for an upcoming animated film called 9. It reminded me a little of Sackboy from Little Big Planet, but with a post apocalyptic twist. I hope it doesn’t end up being preachy about the environment like Wall-E.

For those of you who hasn’t seen the animated short that the movie 9 will be based on, it’s on youtube here. The mood is fantastic.