Woohoo Intenets!

We finally have internet at home now. And it’s SUPER DUPER SUPER FAST. Like, OMG, I’m back in Berkeley with the fat bandwidth fast. Like, I can play SFIV while the BF is doing other stuff online like downloading and it’s still fine fast. It’s more pricey than our usual plan, but as the BF says, the price is worth it for me not always yelling at him for hogging bandwidth while I’m playing games.

But did I mention it took FOREVER to get it? First, we went with an awful provider, DSLExtreme, who said we could get 8 megs down. But it took them something like 2 weeks to process our order and send some guy over (for $200 WTF) to activate our line. Turned out that we could only physically get 3 megs down, not 8, even though we would be paying for 8, so obviously we canceled with DSLExtreme. The whole thing was so ridiculous, but the funny thing was while all this was happening, this Penny Arcade comic got posted. Very fitting.

The house is finally getting neater and neater. We swept and mopped the kitchen for the first time since we moved in and I feel a lot better about that now. For some reason, I can’t stand having a dirty kitchen floor. Next, we just need to make the study a lot neater, and sell off a crapload of stuff we don’t need. Uh, anyone want an unopened Tabula Rasa PC game? I’ll ship it anywhere in the continental US. Let me knows!

Old Fashioned

Oh yeah, I also bought these cute little cups from Tortoise General Store a week or so ago. They’re supposedly very hard glass and almost impossible to break. They’re the perfect size for whiskey cocktails like the Old Fashion shown above. And the best part is that they’re stackable, so they don’t take up that much room in our already overcrowded cabinet.

Just call me Ol’ Fashioned

Old Fashioned

The BF has been getting into making cocktails recently. Since he’s weaksauce and doesn’t actually like drinking cocktails, I’m the lucky lady that gets to drink his concoctions.

This afternoon, we picked up some ingredients to make a Manhattan. I don’t know why, but I like old-man drinks like Negronis, Manhattans, and vodka sodas.

Using whiskey + blood orange bitter + simple syrup + ice (not shown), he made me something called an Old Fashioned. It was delicious. And it was easy. I think it will be my new go-to drink at bars.