Some days are just not good

It’s funny how on some days, everything that could go wrong does. Today could have been one of those days, but for the amount of things which went on, I’m actually not that bummed about them.

Things that went wrong:

  • My dentist was slacking off again and only fixed one of my 3 cavities.
  • My mother was being childish and giving me attitude in the morning.
  • There was much traffic on the way to the beach today.
  • The place I wanted to take the BF to eat shabu shabu was closed for the weekend, which we found out after we drove there.
  • The BF left his wallet in the car at the theater, and for some reason, the theater people were being Nazis and wouldn’t let us buy tickets because it was a rated R movie (even though we both are over 17 and look ver 17). We ended up missing the movie because…
  • Upon going back to the car, we realized the BF left his keys in the car and we were locked out.

Fortunately, I thought we had a pretty good day today. Because we were locked out and had to wait for the AAA guy to break into the BF’s car, we found a new tea house which serves awesome mango green tea. Also, since the original place we were going to eat dinner at was closed, I found a better place to eat that’s close to my house. The good news is that the BF also liked it. Or did he?

It makes my skin crawl

On the drive home, I was reminded of how much I hate looking at hoards of small things moving together. I wouldn’t call it a phobia because I’m not scared of it, but it physically makes me uncomfortable to watch a bunch of little things all clumped together and moving.

I can’t watch ants swarming over a piece of candy because it makes my skin crawl, gives me the chills, and eventually, if I stare at it long enough, I’ll probably just throw up. Is this a common thing? Only one other person I know has the same problem I do, but I don’t think it’s as bad for her.

I’m still not sure what the thing that made me feel “icky” on the drive home was. It looked like a whole lot of ash on the road, but it was fluttering around on a huge expanse of road, kind of like small leaves being blown across, but it was everywhere. I had to force myself to not look at the ground in front of my car and look at the top of the car in front of me’s hood.

Shining Tears

Three visits to three different stores later, I finally have Shining Tears. And it pwns me. An old-school RPG that has co-op options?! My dream has finally come true. *dies*