Review: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

The BF and I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy today and despite the negative reviews I read of it, I actually liked it a lot. I think the bad reviews came from hyper-anticipating (over-anticipating?) the movie.

The acting in the movie wasn’t really anything worth mentioning. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. They did a good job casting for Arthur Dent because the actor truly does look like a very average man. Marvin’s voice acting was pretty good also, but I didn’t like how he looked. When I read the book a few years ago, I pictured Marvin to be rectangular, like old 70s sci-fi robots. The Marvin in this film was round and too cute looking.

The special effects were really what made me like the movie. My favorite part is probably the scenes with Slartibartfast and Magrathea. The “interior” of that planet was beautiful and they did a great job displaying the vastness of planets.

Two things that the movie screwed up on that I wish they hadn’t was Trillian and Arthur’s relationship and Atheism. To appeal to the masses, the movie made Trillian and Arthur’s relationship move too quickly; I think the romance shouldn’t have been left in. I read somewhere that Disney cut a lot of the God jokes out of the dialog because they didn’t want to upset the Christian Fundamentalists, which is silly to me. I think Douglas Adams’ comments on God (or the lack of) and religion in the book were a big part of what made the book enjoyable.

What surprised me today was that there weren’t a lot of people watching the movie and it was opening day. It might have been because we caught the last matinee showing of the day, but I expected a lot more people to be watching it. I guess it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise because there was very little publicity about the movie and the few commercials and trailers I’ve seen of the movie were very vague; they expected the audience to already know what The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was already. The movie in general made that assumption and I wonder if people who have never heard of the book before would enjoy the movie.

Review: Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is by far, the strangest kung fu movie I have ever seen. In a way, it’s like a lot of other kung fu movies, but in another way, it’s a parody of all those other kung fu movies. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys comedies, kung fu movies, or both.

What I enjoyed more than the laughs (which were good) in the movie, was the score. I liked how they had a mix of traditional Chinese and western music. The sound effects for the fights were good too, especially the scene where one of the guys was kicking a bunch of baddies and it made a pinball sound each time he kicked a bad guy.

I couldn’t help but notice that there was some theme of modernized westerners versus traditional Chinese in the movie. I wonder if the director/writer was trying to say something.

Oh, and the subtitle was only slightly off. When the land lady was calling the flamboyant tailor a ‘fairy’ in the English subtitle, she was actually saying ‘butt bandit’ or ‘butt monster’ in Cantonese.

Review: The Ring Two

While not as good as the original, The Ring Two still had some good scenes that made even the “Scary Movies Don’t Scare Me” BF jump a couple of times.

I can’t really say much about the movie without giving away the plot, but the creepy boy (Aidan) from the original is back and so is his mom (Rachel) and Samara. There seemed to be a few plot holes here and there, but for primarily being a scary movie, I’m not complaining.

I haven’t seen the Japanese version of this yet (it’s still sitting around because I’m too scared to watch it alone) but the American version I saw tonight was a bit too “Americanized” for me if that makes any sense. The first scene of the movie made me dread it was going to be a teeny-bopper-slasher flick, but I’m glad it wasn’t. The whole, “I’m not your fucking mother!” scene was a bit too “please the audience” for me.