Lost: The Season Finale

I’m glad I started watching Lost, but I’m sad that I just finished the season finale and I have to wait for months before any more new episodes come out. Berklee, you were right. I was hooked on the first episode.

spoilers below

Until tonight, I thought the show was called “Lost” because the people were lost on an island. I think it might be a combination of that and another meaning. Almost all of the surviving main characters have lost something so far. Michael lost his ex girlfriend (and therefore, Walt lost his mother), Jack lost his dad, Kate lost her childhood best friend, Sayid lost his best friend, Clare lost her brother, Jin lost face and his wife, his wife lost Jin, Sawyer lost his chance to kill the real Sawyer. I’m not sure what Hurley and Locke lost though.

I might be cold and mean for saying this, but I’m glad that teacher guy died in this episode. He was annoying exactly in that high school teacher way. The writers did a good job and kudos to the actor on that. I’m glad he went boom.