A New Reality Show

I heard an advertisement on the radio about a new reality show called “Deal or No Deal” or something like that. The contestant gets a briefcase, but isn’t told exactly what’s in it. All he knows is that it might be $10,000 (or some other insane amount), or it might just be an old sock (or something useless like that). During the episode, a banker or some other guy offers to buy the briefcase off of him for $1,000. The contestant’s friends/family then try to convince him to take the $1,000 or to keep the briefcase for the chance of getting more money.

That reality show spawned the idea of another way better reality show in my head. It would be called ‘STD* or no STD!’ The contestant, a really awkward/ugly/dorky guy who will never in his lifetime (unless he pays for it) get laid by a hot chick is presented with an incredibly beautiful and attractive young lady. He can choose either to sleep with her or not. His friends/family try to sway him in either direction. The catch is, the hot young thing might have an STD, she might not. And for a season-finale twist: she might not even be a GIRL!

I think that would make for some interesting episodes at least.

* STD as in ‘sexually transmitted disease’ not as in stdin and stdout.

Review: Jarhead

Jarhead might not be for everybody. I went to watch this movie with a bunch of guys who were expecting action, lots of guns, and something like Saving Private Ryan, but set in the desert. This is definitely not what they were expecting. Jarhead is more like Full Metal Jacket than Saving Private Ryan.

That’s not a bad thing. I liked the movie and thought the lack of plot fit the movie pretty well, since it’s supposed to be semi-autobiographical. A lot of people came away from the movie feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, but I think that means the movie did a good job conveying the frustration of Swoff (Jake Gyllenhaal’s character).

I have to admit I was more satisfied with the movie than my male friends, but that’s probably because I got to see Jake Gyllenhaal naked in a couple of scenes.

Review: Serenity

After watching the whole season of Firefly, I was confident that I would enjoy Serenity more and I was right. The movie was an excellent ending to an excellent mini-series. You don’t have to be a fan of the show or even watch the show to watch Serenity. Even though Serenity follows chronologically after Firefly, the movie does a good enough job at introducing the characters that no background explanation is needed.

There was a lot more sci-fi in Serenity than in Firefly, which I don’t mind, since I do like sci-fi, but I didn’t think they needed it alter that part of the series when making the movie. One of the things I liked about Firefly was that even though it was sort of sci-fi, it wasn’t so full of science that people who don’t usually enjoy that genre would be scared from it. That was the only difference between the movie and the series, which I’m glad of, because if they differed too much from the series, I would have been disappointed.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone and especially to people who liked Firefly, but that’s a given. The last episode of Firefly definitely didn’t feel like an ending episode, so I was glad that Serenity tied up a few loose strings.